Seeedstudio Tetris MicroCard

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Seeedstudio Tetris MicroCard Description

Description: The Tetris MicroCard is the ultimate on-the-go gaming hardware for those moments where you want to take a quick Tetris break! The Tetris MicroCard is powered by Arduboy, the game system the size of a credit card. specification: -Bit OLED Matrix Display, 128×64 Pixels-8-Bit Microcontroller, ATmega 328P-Polycarbonate and Anodized Aluminum Construction-Piezo Speaker with Mute Switch-6 Hour Battery, 180mAh Lithium Polymer-Recharge with Included Micro-USB Cable- 6 Soft Click Buttons-85mm (3.3in) × 53mm (2.1in) × 5mm (0.2in)

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